Introducing “Taylor and the Anti-Heroes” featuring Holly Marie. A tribute band that redefines the essence of Taylor Swift's music without relying on external appearances. Focused on authenticity, this group of experienced musicians dive deep into Swift's repertoire, infusing each performance with their own distinct style, passion and unique flair. “Taylor and the Anti-Heroes” honors Swift's songwriting by delivering electrifying performances that celebrate her captivating melodies and lyrics. From intimate venues to grand stages, they respect Swift's musical legacy by embodying the true spirit of her songs, connecting with audiences and leaving a lasting impression wherever they go.

Holly Marie pays tribute to the songs of Taylor Swift as the lead singer of Taylor and the Anti-Heroes. She has been singing since she was a young kid. Starting with high school Chorus, she would sing with her neighbors at block parties in the summer, until finding her way into bands in Milwaukee 2016. She was a member of the popular party band Up All Night for 6 years. When she is not performing with the Anti-heroes, she brings her variety of songs to her other band, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. In addition to multiple acoustic performances with her musical partner, Michael James Grassman.

"What I love about Taylor Swift is that she sings about the most vulnerable aspects of heartbreak and isn't afraid to be fully herself. I am blown away by her repertoire and never ending creativity."

Next Show:

May 17th - 21+

Nashville North 7pm