The Anti-Heroes

Aunt Viv is excited to be an Anti-hero in her breakout role as a keyboard player (and backing vocalist) for Taylor and the Anti-Heroes.

Her other projects include:

-Lead Singer of The Playlist since 2009

-WAMI-nominated Female Vocalist of the Year; 6-time WAMI Award Winner for Cover Band of the Year and People's Choice.

-Founder/Creator/Co-writer/Performer/Musician/Tech of Victory Alive - Victory Alive | Victory of the Lamb

-Various studio projects, backing vocals, acoustic duo performances, performer development

"The one thing I have grown to love about Taylor's music is the honesty and vulnerability in her lyrics. Her discography spans many genres and I love to see how her music elicits excitement from fans of all ages."

Elliot Killian is a versatile multi-instrumentalist lending his skills on banjo, mandolin and electric guitar to Taylor and the Anti-Heroes. He has played with a variety of bands ranging from power metal group Lords of the Trident to a Live Band Karaoke group with a 500+ song repertoire. He previously played with Holly in the pop-cover band Up All Night and currently plays and produces original music in the Americana duo Laura Petersen and the Old Souls.

"What I like most about Taylor is the diversity of sounds and styles that she's incorporated into her catalogue. I respect that in an era of production teams trying to manufacture hits with an assembly line of songwriters, Taylor is the main creative behind the songs she sings."

Over the last two decades, Andrew (Drummer/Producer) has become a dominant force within the Milwaukee music scene. He is known within the community for his dedication and talent, attention to detail, versatility, precision, impeccable work ethic, and unique flair that he adds. Andrew has been recognized for collaborating and playing with several nationally recognized artists and groups.

"I appreciate the versatility in Taylor's music; drumming to it provides me with a broad canvas for creative expression."

Michael James Grassman is known in the state of Wisconsin as a diverse musician and live event coordinator for multiple music venues, festivals and private events under the umbrella of his company, Sound Check Entertainment. With his fingers mixed into every aspect of live music, he's ability to pull experienced musicians, production teams and high-profile bands together has been recognized by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry and countless other personalities in the hospitality industry.

Michael and Holly formed Taylor and the Anti-Heroes as a side project from their wedding Band, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, after experiencing the astonishing response from performing the music of Taylor Swift.

"I love connecting to Taylor's music with my 4 year old daughter and her love to sing these songs around the house at her own full dynamics."

Dave is a long-time member of the Milwaukee music scene, best known for being close-by when people are about to take shots or selfies. He is also a talented bassist and backing vocalist who has been playing with the Playlist since 2009.

"What I love about Taylor’s music is its wide range of genres that are all still catchy and relatable. And that she actually writes her own music."

Michael Grassman

Dave Buege

Aunt Viv

Andrew Lynch

Elliot Killian